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Nomad Cuisine

About Ethny ?

Hereafter you will find more about the Ethny concept: A Nomad Cuisine, an ideal and  what it represents  for me , a catering service that is constantly moving ,evolving and in search of perfection in order to Bring you the best gastronomic experience


Private chef

Ethny is a private chef service that adapts itself taking the preferences of the clients completely into account. If you are more  a meat lover or completely vegetarian , or vegan , or pescatarian, you decide.

Thanks to my experience as a private chef I will adapt the menu completely to what you desire. The strength of my service is that it’s totally flexible. I cater for small groups, as well as groups of 30 people and more.

My specialism is fusion cuisine ! I use recipes from all over the world and most of them are infused with an Asian touch ,  due to my passion for travel.

My aim is to bring the taste of travel into my dishes while  keeping a strong basis of French traditional cuisine.

My goal

Promote local products

My goal is to promote local products and employees. Seasonality and sustainability are key. When I compose a menu I do everything I can to respect the season and products. I will always try to find the best way to give meaning to your meal. Whether It’s overproduction or overconsumption, I think that we can make the best dinner and respect the environment at the same time.

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Organic food

Homemade cuisine


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