Organisation de Mariage

Chef à table x Ethny Votre mariage est un moment spécial à partager avec vos amis les plus proches et votre famille. Nos services d’organisation de mariage feront en sorte que votre journée soit parfaitement planifiée et exécutée, jusque dans les moindres détails. Le chef Reginald Smit à 12 ans d’expérience dans la restauration de […]

Chef à table

Chef@Table catering / co-working/events/ food consulting provide a multitude of services for you for example  teambuildings, events including corporate dinners, cooking classes online or in person and much more.  we are located in heart of Brussels and work internationally.  At Chef a table we take your ideas and turn them into an experience.  We offer […]

How To Plan A Wedding In a Castle near Brussels

Do you want to escape in the majestic Castle of Emines is a luxury bed and breakfast, fitting for any guest looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of his busy city life. From the moment you arrive and take a deep breath, surrounded by nature, you’ll never want to leave. Your stay […]


Apple & Beer almond biscuit salted caramel butter and Reserve RoyaleEMOCAPTUREFood & films realizations image consulting Discover Cliquer iciBecause we’re working in darkness to bring light La fille des saisons légumes bio cultivés à AnderlechtDiscover Chef à TableEthny and Chef à table collaborate and work hard to Bring you an exclusive experience DiscoverTaste and Travel […]