Private chef

Bring gastronomy at home

Why choose 

a private chef ?

For me, cooking is all about sharing and transcending oneself through a dish that is the true expression of yourself.

I realize that cooking for people in their own environment really creates a bond between as it’s an intimate moment where conversation, giving, sharing take on their true meaning.

We take the time to discuss your ideal dinner, whether you want to surprise someone or simply have a good time with people that are dear to you.

We can adapt to all situations.

As a private chef, I can connect with my clients. One of the advantages is being able to learn about my customers : where do they come from, what are their customs, and being able to transfer my knowledge to them.


The menus


Home made Rice Chips. Kroepoek , Mussels from Zéelande Grilled , home made wasabi mayonnaise

–First dish–

Langoustines , with Shimeji and Eryngi Japanese mushrooms, Broth made from The Shell , saké junmai* vegetables ,

–Main dish–

Sea bar filet Grilled , sweet potato purée , Seasonal vegetables , soja caramel sauce Smoked cauliflower , Honey cress


Cheesecake revisited with différent Textures , Sesame biscuit , Confit de mandarine

* Junmai is the Japanese word meaning “pure rice.” This is an important term in the world of sake, as it separates pure rice sake from non-pure rice sake. Junmai is brewed using only rice, water, yeast, and koji — there are no other additives, such as sugar or alcohol


Asian Dumplings filled with Beef ginger garlic , vegetable broth Coriander , soja

–First dish–

Oxtail Beef slow cooked , porto , Belgian chicory , Fennel confit with citrus , Poultry Jus with herbs

–Main dish–

Duck fillet Slow cook then grilled , Speculoos frosting , Turnip Vanilla purée , seasonal vegetables


Dark chocolat Callebaut 58 % Origin Brazil , salted Caramel Butter , almond , Sesame Seed


Home made Rice Chips , cucumber Pickles with soja , Wasabi mayonnaise light

–First dish–

Ravioles , filled with carrots , vegetables broth with Dashi and carrots juice ( Japanese broth with algae and Mushroom ) , Winter pourpier , Ethiopian pepper ( very smooth with touch of citrus and spice )

–Main dish–

Dolmas* filled with rice spice and vegetables , Peanut butter vinaigrette, seasonal vegetable , Mustard Leaves


Lemon green lime meringue pie revisited

–First table–

Farm Poultry roasted with garlic , thym , dragon , seasonal vegetables with asian twist Slow cook Salmon confit with herbs ,
Potatoes confit with herbs , poultry jus , salad and pickles

–Second table Sweet & salty–

Bread from la fleur du pain ,
Selection of affined cheese ,
home made jam ,
croissant ,
Home made cake Chocolate almond & lime and Dragon , salted caramel

Home made detox juice ( apple , carotte , ginger , lime , celery )


Step 1 - Introducing Ethny
I arrive at the customer place something like 1h before the dinner start to prepare everything properly. I introduce myself say my greetings while I’m wearing gloves mask and keeping the regular 1,5 m distance and then I introduce them the concept of Ethny , meaning make them discover the experience of tasting fusion food
Step 2 - Meet me in the kitchen
Then I take possession of the kitchen , while explaining to my customers what I’m cooking the origin of the ingredients and what make me choose them. If my customers Show a lot of interest , I make them join me with safe distance to participate during the elaboration of the dishes , some of them actually will be my students in cooking class After they requested it
Step 3 - explication of the plate
I take the time between each courses to explain to them what’s coming next and why , because everything as a reason.
Step 4 - let finish on a good note
Then it’s time for one of the most important moment of the service the dessert I think It’s what make me apart from other chefs , because I followed a special course To be a pastry chef as well , for me finishing the dinner with an exceptional dessert Its finishing with a high note and something the client will never forget